2011 TO 2013

English formation

The formation

This training aims to respond to the acquisition of English language skills as a prerequisite for recruitment in some areas. This training was defined and formalized in an action plan for the acquisition of a good level.

Program :

The training covers four specific fields of learning of the English language:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral production
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written production
Learning this language is designed to quickly become capable of performing a number of linguistic tasks identified as priority. Learning grammar is made according to the needs and acquired form of reflex language, regularly reinforced by practice "in situ". The method used (EDO) is strongly focused on listening comprehension and use English professional situations and social contexts.

The formation is conducted on various appointments and supports:
  • Books
  • A multimedia training (over internet)
  • Lessons with teachers (of different nationalities: English, American, Australian)
  • The group conversation activities
  • Viewing movies
  • The newspaper reading
  • Listening to the radio (BBC, CNN, etc.)

The objective of this training is to use the second language in the work as I did at JPR Hutchinson and Menuinnove Technologies in travels and assisting international clients. So I took the opportunity to stay in the United States in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Utah.

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Rémy Pourchez:"about this formation"

English, is more than a "passport" to visit other countries, this is a real opportunity to find interesting missions like Mennuinove Technologies. I have developed their website in English.

Website in english: www.menuinnovetechnologies.com/en
Also available in French: www.menuinnovetechnologies.com

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