10 September 2015

April 14, 2015

2015 Marketing Lounge: The place to be!

The 2015 living brings a new trends in digital marketing and communication. Always focuses on the latest news, the E-Marketing lounge presents the ever-sector actors at the forefront of innovation.

Digital marketing was at the heart of the transformation of the company.

The 3 digital trends of 2015:

  • 1- The widespread penetration of the web and digital in different professions and sectors. No sector escapes the digital transformation, although some are more advanced than others
  • 2- The multi-specialist digital marketing becomes unavoidable
  • 3- The digital marketing and web business will be a real factor

February 14, 2015

Meeting with Xavier Niel - free CEO

Meeting with Xavier Niel the founder of Free (main internet service provider in France). Exchange on the place of Free in its competitive environment and future innovations in communication.

Menuinnove Technologies, a company focused on the future ...

As the company Menuinnove Technologies, many companies have taken the course and have developed their image on the Internet. Seduced by the E-commerce, small business is now positioned on the M-commerce (mobile) 52% would be geo-locatable, 38% want to have a site optimized for smartphones and 27% have a dedicated application.

July 01