March to july 2015

Studies and multichannel campaign manager

Under the direction of a multichannel campaign and marketing, I was involved to pilot marketing campaign for 800 commercial portfolios or 500,000 customers through different distribution channels.

My mission:

  • Participate in project development or adaptation of national projects
  • Develop commercial tools for the network
  • Manage direct marketing prospecting campaigns (mailing, e-mailing, telemarketing, SMS...)
  • Conduct specific studies and develop scorecards (balance of actions, behavior customers with the different channels...)
  • Perform assigned projects
  • Write documents for dedicated commitees
  • Participate in the animation of working groups on assigned topics

The results:
  • Realization of extraction and segmentation of target (customers) respond to marketing campaigns
  • Writing e-mailings to the network "Caisse d'Épargne"
  • Customer portfolio management daily (transfer or assignment of a number clients per employee in agency)
  • Work on projects for the optimization of customer service
  • Put online tools and agency staff training
  • Setting up campaign on Neolane
  • Participation in improving marketing campaigns through ad hoc or weekly meetings
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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

Short term contract interesting during a maternity leave replacement.

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