07/2013 TO 03/2015

Account and product manager

With the studies office, I worked as fire tests technician for the company JPR (Hutchinson group company).

JPR is a OEM, leader in production of rubber parts to aerospace (Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Comac, Liebherr, etc.).

The components were tested to a fire test bench at 1200°C.

My main tasks were to :

  • Assist international clients in achieving their assembly
  • Instrument the samples (as defined by the standards)
  • Set up samples on the test bench
  • Realize the test (control the temperature, pressure and ventilation) in accordance with the criteria defined by the standards
  • Remove the sample after test (extinction, storage and / or disposal )
  • Writing english reports for the customers
  • Upgrade test laboratory conditions and under the FAA requirements (Federal Aviation Administration: www.faa.gov )
  • Participate in Call / Video conference with the FAA
  • Realize over 200 fire tests
  • Movement between the group's sites to realize additional tests
  • Validation of components for fire resistance (with english report)
  • Clients management (Russian, French, English, Chinese)
  • Optimisation, update and upgrade the fire test office et workshop
  • Respect the deadline and reach the targets
  • Supervision, training and support 2 fire test technicians
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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

Interesting and varied mission with a lot of work to do (more than 55 hours per week).My temporary contract has been renewed six times. This is for me the 1st job where I work with all the services of the company. This mission required a lot of responsiveness and inventiveness. I enjoyed working in this company for its good atmosphere and assigned responsibilities.

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