07/2012 TO 12/2012

Display and content project manager

Manutan, present in 19 European countries through 23 subsidiaries, want to be all over the world. With a turnover of 560 million euros, the company sought to strengthen its marketing team on new economic opportunities.

My mission:

  • Ensure the achievement of strategic objectives (awareness, customer acquisition, traffic development, affiliation, display, e-mailing, co-registration, etc.)
  • Media plans, develop briefs the media (choice of delivery media based on the objectives and targets)
  • Permanent watch on competitive practices and innovations
  • Develop the visibility and positioning of the Manutan brand
  • Participate in the development of traffic and sales on the website
  • Develop positioning Manutan online and therefore coordination, writing and publishing content to develop visibility on the positioning Manutan, and promote its SEO

  • Site Optimization and implementation of a media plan (SEM, affiliate, display, social network and e-mailing) to: www.manutan-laserie.com with a budget of 150 K€.
  • Placing Nextperformance (with contract) with 240 K€ annual budget
  • Replacing a strategy with Criteo to narrow the target and achieve 10 K€ in additional revenue per month (600 K€ annual budget)
  • Decreased display cover to maximize profits on Search Engine Marketing
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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

Mission interesting in terms of new information technologies. Getting new actors contract the display and new software (Criteo and Nextperformance).