2009 TO 2011

Master MONE degree: Management and Organizations of the net Economy

Master MONE degree: Management and Organizations of the net Economy

Training Master MONE - University degree specialized in e-business and e-management - aims to train senior professionals by developing their ability to work on projects related to e-commerce, e-business and manage complex projects in ICT and e-management.

The concept of e-business in the company can be integrated with all the services of the organization:

  • Purchasing and Logistics (e-procurement, supply chain management)
  • Sales (B2B e-commerce, B2C) Marketing (CRM, web marketing, SEO)
  • Production (ERP and shared information systems)
  • Human Resources (intranet, portal B2E)
  • Management (remote procedures, electronic invoices)
The Master MONE is a versatile high-level training, it aims to train future executives in the areas of e-management and e-business.

With a graduate of the Master of Management organization of the Net economy, I am able to:

  • Driving collaborative projects (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)
  • To use my extensive knowledge of ICT and in the fields of e-business
  • Having a comprehensive approach to e-management
  • Ensure international benchmark

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7th best master of France (SMBG ranking during my training).

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Rémy Pourchez:"On this training"

During the training, I realized three projects. The first: the orgnisation a seminar abroad in an international context. I supervised and coordinated a team of 5 people in a study on the impact of CRM and e-CRM in the field of retail.

The second: a complex study on starting a fast food chain in a multicultural theme.

The latest: a study on the development of mobility for persons with disabilities. The draft study was to develop the mobility of persons with disabilities in developing countries.

Website: www.freewheel.ma

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