02/2013 TO 04/2013

Web marketing consultant

The Mennuinove Technologies ask me to develop its image on the internet to reach new international clients. The target is to introduce deep sea coring products. I developed a dynamic web site and intuitive for the user.


  • Study of needs, project management, website creation, tracking customer
  • Realization of the "Story board"
  • Web site design achievement; add the English and French content
  • Presentation of the project and future axes of work
  • Code optimization (semantics)
  • SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing), Adwords, affiliation, social

  • Host the data
  • Website production: www.menuinnovetechnologies.com
  • Respect the deadline about the project
  • Search engine optimization of the site
  • Setting up a marketing campaign
  • Share: LinkedIn Viadeo Twitter Google+ Facebook Pinterest
LinkedIn Viadeo Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook

Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

The website is now online and has 25 pages. Html CSS and PHP languages were used to carry out this web site. Simple, fast and functional, all Menuinnove Technologies expectations are present. This beautiful web site allowed to connect Menuinnove Technologies and international customers. Mission accomplished!

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