03/2011 TO 07/2011

Trader Emailing

This internationally purplayer with a turnover of 90 M€ and 400 employees worldwide research to strengthen these teams in direct marketing. My mission was in the email campaign department.

My missions:

  • The monetization of databases: Toox, Reflex Fleurs, Protection Services, ROI, Liberation, Nouvel Obs and Marianne
  • The affiliate campaign broadcast "Consoclient" in display and e-mailing via the main publishers in the market
  • The marketing of the Reflex-Travel database (prospecting, negotiation and monitoring of advertisers)
  • Coordinating marketing process (project manager, web developer, designer)
  • Daily dashboards and analysis on the status of sales
  • Search for new actors and negotiation for the establishment of daily advertising campaigns

  • 800 € to 40 K€ turnover per database per month
  • Cleaning database
  • Production of specifications document for Born 2 click. www.born2click.net www.born2click.net
  • Developments of the tool for Rootage to maximize turnover
  • Design HTML email kit
  • Reach the turnover target
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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

Very interesting internship because I had from the first day a great responsibility. I particularly enjoyed the campaigns choice I have to do and the time spent in negotiating campaign.

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