07/2006 TO 07/2010

Technician in industrial product design

In the maintenance, research and development department of the company, this entity need a mechanical designer in engineering.

My missions:

  • Perform mechanical engineering studies
  • Propose several solutions
  • Realize the technical specifications, schedules and other technical documents needed for the equipment
  • Consult suppliers
  • Receive and participate to setting up the equipment


I have conducted several studies including a workshop optimization. The study during 2 years. It's about a flow of axles (global cost of the modification: 200 K€). It include:
  • Colect the internal clients needs
  • Write a functionnal specification document
  • Animate customers meeting
  • Work on the study study (mechanical, automation and electronics)
  • Realise the cost study
  • Production optimisation
  • Calculate the return on investment
  • Compliance with quality standards, safety, environment and ergonomics
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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

This long mission was very interesting and difficult. It was conducted in an environment in constant interactivity between internal clients, suppliers and other subsidiaries. During frequent trips, I was able to develop my adaptability and my communication.

Consequently, I particularly appreciated the working atmosphere.

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