2004 to 2006

Technician in industrial product design

As part of the development of its business, the company TFI needed a technician in industrial product design. I have made the following missions:

  • Writing specifications
  • Choice a solution
  • Design the product
  • Select components (cylinder, drum, screws...)
  • Analysis of the resistance components and their movement
  • Calculation of return on investment

  • Study of several stretchers and carts (see picture below)
  • Production of components for the medical field
  • Realization of a 5S (cleaning, organization, storage, etc.)
  • Create content for the marketing service (videos, pictures, etc.)
Made products
Made products (click to enlarge this image)

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Rémy Pourchez:"About this job"

Interesting internship within a dynamic team of 13 people. I have been renewed 3 times in internship in T.F.I.. The company wanted to hire me but I chose to continue my studies.

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